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Once you complete the form, I will contact you to schedule a free strategy session. Feel free to find a time on my calendar if you’re ready today!

1. Schedule a Free Strategy Session

You’ll talk directly with our trainer Jess, in person, or over the phone. We want to hear about you.

2. Customize a plan

Depending on your fitness level, individual goals, and life experience, we will personalize a health plan that works for you.

3. Achieve Results

Attend classes or semi-private sessions and achieve your personalized health goals like never before!


You’re losing energy & motivation with your current plan, stressing over not having the time to do something for yourself. This leaves you overwhelmed with no real direction. It’s finally time to put yourself first & progress toward your goals in a positive & supportive environment. Every visit to Real Strength Kettlebell Club will allow you to work with your coach on programs customized for you while being encouraged and supported by fellow members of The Club family.


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We aren’t your typical gym. We are a community of women who support each other and make it a point to celebrate meeting goals! We would love for you to join the club and get back to feeling yourself again. 

I have no weight training experience, can I still train at RSKB Club?

Absolutely, RSKB Club is structured to help the beginner learn safely and effectively all while working towards their goals.

I’ve belonged to gyms before and they just weren’t the right fit for me, how is RSKB Club different?

Thats a great question and one that I’ve heard often over the years. We start with a strategy session so that we can understand your goals and concerns. During this session you get to see the gym firsthand as we explain how the assessment process and training sessions are structured to meet individual needs. Since our clients come first, we thrive on structuring a program and community setting that works best for each client, we don’t try to fit you into what already exists, you help us create what we offer.

I’ve been weight training for several years, how would RSKB Club benefit me?

Dedication is key to achieving ones fitness and health goals, but having a trainer to program and observe your sessions can take you to the next level. At RSKB Club we introduce new concepts and act as a mentor to help you train safely while getting better results out of your sessions.

I have previous injuries that limit what I can do, are you qualified to work with me?

Yes. Preventing injuries is our #1 goal. If you come in with a preexisting injury our assessment will help us to understand how to program around that injury while also providing context on how to improve your overall movement. We also have a referral network with Physical Therapy and Chiropractic so that we can work together on providing you the best guidance.

I think I have Diastasis Recti how would your gym be different from any other gym?

Having Diastasis Recti and/or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Having a knowledgeable trainer that is certified in these areas is essential though. The head coach at RSKB Club is certified in Postpartum and Corrective Exercises. She can help you assess your condition and structure a program that would be safe and effective. 

I don’t have much time to work out, most other fitness studios require 60 minutes or more for their sessions, how is RSKB Club different?

RSKB Club is proud to be one of the only studios in the area that promotes Fit- in-Forty. That means you are in and out of the studio in 40 minutes. This amount of time allows for a great strength and cardio session combined that hits full body movement in every session.

I need help with my nutrition, what does RSKB Club offer for this?

RSKB Clubs head coach is certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and focuses on educating her clients on why food quality is more important than calorie restriction. Meal plans can have their place in weight loss though most have tried this and failed at some point. That’s why we focus on education, lifestyle modification and habit stacking to get our clients the results they desire when it comes to weightless through nutrition. 1-on-1 appointments available along w/group sessions.

I’m a mom with a busy schedule, I work out regularly, but don’t see the results I want to, how can RSKB Club help?

RSKB Club’s owner and head coach is a mom and knows exactly where you’re coming from! There’s more to getting results than just putting in the time at the gym. In addition to the gym experience we focus on the lifestyle aspects that get overlooked by other studios. Sleep, stress, and happiness all need to be priorities in our fitness and wellness journeys. We’ve got your back in this area!!